How to Keep it Fun

Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casinos are the homes of great entertainment, both in their land-based venues or when playing online. Therefore, any visit should always be primarily for fun and enjoyment. “Testing your skill” and “trying your luck” are all part of the experience, but gambling should never be all about winning, or a reliance on winning.

Only gamble what you are prepared to lose

Gambling is paid for entertainment, the same as any other form of leisure activity. Therefore, you should only ever spend what you can afford – and are prepared to lose – in exchange for the experience and enjoyment of playing. If you win – all the better, it’s part of the fun. But you should never gamble with the sole purpose of winning money or recovering previous losses.

The chances of winning or losing do not change from one game to the next

The chances of winning the next game are not influenced by your result in the last one, nor by any losing or winning streak that you may currently be having. The chances will be exactly the same on the next game and the one after that. Therefore, chasing losses, or playing on simply because you believe you are due a big win, is never a good strategy. Play only because you are enjoying it.

Set yourself limits on the time and money you spend gambling

You should only gamble for a period of time or visit frequency that fits in comfortably with your own lifestyle. Therefore, set limits on the amount of time and money that you are happy to spend gambling. These should be limits that are right for you.

This will ensure that you always keep it fun.