Helping to limit the amount of money or time that you spend gambling

In many cases, self-exclusion is the best option to address a gambling problem, both on line or in a casino or bingo club, whereby you take a permanent or temporary break from gambling whist you address your problem.

However, it is often simply a matter or adjusting the amount of time or money that you spend, so that you are then able to enjoy your gaming experience within responsible limits that you can afford.

For example, in our land-based casino premises, we provide tools to enable you to limit your gambling, or in certain cases, you can discuss and design bespoke arrangements with management at your local Grosvenor Casino or Mecca Bingo club that suit your specific needs. Our staff and management are extensively trained to be aware of the signs of problem gambling, and will offer every assistance in helping you stay in control.

The following are some of the tools that we provide to help you stay in control, however you play:

Limiting your personal expenditure:

Land Based Casinos

In our casinos, you may place a limit on the amount that you may draw each day on cheque or debit card at the cash desk. If you wish to increase that limit, the manager will need to speak to you beforehand to discuss whether it is the right decision for you.

Our ATM machines are located in such a way that you need to take a break from gaming in order to use them. If you wish to limit the amount you can draw, you should contact your bank to apply a suitable daily ATM withdrawal limit to your card.


If you are playing online, you can place limits on the amount you deposit. If you wish to tighten the limit still further, this can be done immediately, whilst requests to loosen the limit require a 24 hour cooling-off period before taking effect.

There are two easy ways this can be achieved. Firstly, go to “My Account” after logging in and enter your required limit and frequency by clicking the “Deposit Limits” heading. The links below will take you to your favoured website in order to access the “My Account” page. If you are not already logged in, you will need to do so first in order to access the “My Account” page. Once logged in, this can otherwise be accessed from the link at the top of any page.

Alternatively, you can call our help desk on one of the numbers below:

  • 0800 083 1988 (from outside the UK: +44 800 083 1988)
  • 0800 083 1990 (from outside the UK: +44 800 083 1990)

Limiting the time you spend playing online – Reality Checks

It is sometimes easy to lose track of time whilst playing online. Reality Checks are a helpful way of keeping track of the time you have spent playing our games.

In order to provide you with regular reminders, you can set yourself ‘Reality Check’ preferences within the Responsible Gaming section of My Account. Our gaming products are able to display a message at a minimum of 30 minute intervals. The message reminds you how long you have been playing and if you wish to continue with your gambling you will need to click to confirm on the pop-up message displayed.

Your gaming session will begin when you place your first real money bet and will end when you log out.

Your Reality Check preferences will also apply to the time you spend playing casino side games in our Grosvenor Poker download software. Your gaming session for Grosvenor Poker will only include the time spent within Grosvenor Poker and will not take into account any time you have spent playing any of our other games on our website.

Some games will also offer you the facility to set a Reality Check within the game and your in-game Reality Check preferences will apply to the time you spend playing these games.

You can change your Reality Check preferences at any time by selecting a new time interval. Any changes to your Reality Check settings will take effect the next time you login to the site.

Please note that in order to activate your Reality Check preferences on your mobile device, you will need to log-out for at least 30 minutes before logging in and playing games.

Terms and Conditions

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Last updated 06/05/2016