Limit the amount of money or time you spend gambling

One way to keep play fun is by adjusting the amount of time or money you spend. This can then help ensure you are able to enjoy your gaming experience within responsible limits which you can afford. 

We offer tools in both our venues and on our online sites where you can set limits on how much time or money you spend. 


In our casinos, you can place a limit on the amount that you may draw each day at the cash desk. If you wish to increase that limit, the casino manager would then need to speak to you beforehand to discuss whether it is the right decision for you. 

All our gaming machines in our Grosvenor Casinos venues allow you to set time and spend limits. 

In our Mecca Bingo clubs, you can set a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit to control your spend on electronic Max tablets. You can also take a break by locking your account for a set period between 24 hours to 6 weeks. Also, some gaming machines in our Mecca Bingo clubs allow you to set time and spend limits. 

Our cash machines are located in such a way that you need to take a break from gaming in order to use them. If you wish to limit the amount you can draw, you should contact your bank to apply a suitable daily ATM withdrawal limit to your card. 

Our staff and management are extensively trained to be aware of the signs of problem gambling and will offer every assistance in helping you stay in control. 


If you are playing online, you can always find your transaction history in the account section of the website you are playing with. You can place limits on both how much you spend and get reminders of how much time you’ve spent playing and you can also request to take a break.

Limit how much you are spending online – Deposit limits 

On our online sites,,,,,,,,,,,, we offer a net deposit loss limit. The net deposit limit is the difference between your deposits and your withdrawals. This limit caps the net amount on a rolling daily, weekly or monthly basis, the choice is yours. Log in to your account and you can set your net deposit limit from the cashier. 

In some instances where we’re required to limit your spending, we will apply a Global Limit to your account. This Global Limit will be applied across any accounts you hold with our online sites listed above. This means if you reach your limit on one site or as an accumulation across multiple sites, you won’t be able to deposit and play on any other sites until your limit resets. 

Limiting the time, you spend playing online – Reality Checks 

It is sometimes easy to lose track of time whilst playing online. Reality Checks or Game session reminders are a helpful way of keeping track of the time you’ve spent playing our games. 

In order to receive regular reminders, you can set yourself ‘Reality Check’ preferences within the Responsible Gaming section of My Account. Our online sites can display a message at a minimum of 15-minute intervals. The message reminds you how long you have been playing and if you wish to continue with your gambling you will need to click to confirm on the message displayed. 

You can change your Reality Check preferences at any time by selecting a new time interval. Any changes to your Reality Check settings will take effect the next time you login to the site. 

Take a Break 

Gaming is fun and should be so, but if the limits above are not enough, you can use our take a break tool to take a break from gambling. You can lock your account for a set period, taking a break for 24 hours up to 6 weeks, and your account will be locked for the selected period. You will not be able to unlock the account until the selected time period has passed. 

You can choose to take a break by logging in and visiting the safer gambling section in My Account. 

If you have issues regarding any of the above, please contact our customer support teams, you can find contact details on each website.