Help with Self Exclusion

If you believe that you have a problem with gambling, or just think you should take an enforced break from doing so, our land-based premises and online gaming sites all offer the option to “self-exclude” yourself.

If you exclude yourself from a Mecca Bingo club, you will automatically be enrolled in the national scheme and will be excluded from all bingo clubs in the UK.

If you exclude yourself from a Grosvenor Casino, you will be enrolled in the national scheme SENSE (Self-Enrolment, National Self-Exclusion), unless you request otherwise, and will be excluded from all casinos in the UK.

Exclusion from the online or mobile sites applies to all sites operated by Mecca Bingo or Grosvenor Casinos. You can also elect just to take a short break for a period of your choice as explained below.

You are strongly advised to also exclude yourself from any other gambling premises or websites where you otherwise play or bet, as we are unable to pass on your request to other companies. If you want to prevent access to all online gambling licensed in Great Britain, we recommend that you register at Gamstop is the national online self-exclusion database for online gambling.

If you do feel that you have a gambling problem, self-exclusion is advisable but should be used in conjunction with other self-help measures, such as seeking help and guidance from or other support agencies listed here.

Please be aware that it is ultimately your own responsibility to uphold a self-exclusion but we will make every effort to stop you playing on the specific on line account, or from entering a Mecca or Grosvenor land-based business, from which you have excluded. However, should you manage to enter one of our Mecca or Grosvenor premises by whatever means, or open a new online account by using different personal details of any kind, we will not be responsible for any losses you may subsequently incur as a result of your circumventing the self-exclusion process. We may also withhold winnings in certain cases.

We also strongly recommend that you “unfriend” and / or “un-follow” yourself from any Facebook, Twitter or other social networking accounts that you may be linked to for land-based Grosvenor, Mecca or other gambling operations. Due to the nature of these sites, which are not linked to our membership data bases, it is not otherwise possible to prevent you from receiving or seeing gaming related messages that may be issued to friends or followers.

When excluding at a Mecca Bingo or Grosvenor Casinos premises, you may also ask to exclude yourself from our online gaming sites, being bingo, casino and poker sites operated under the Mecca or Grosvenor Casinos brand names.

If you exclude yourself from online gaming you will similarly be advised how you can exclude from either or both of our land-based bingo and casino businesses via the national schemes.

Self-exclusion will normally be implemented within twenty four hours but you should allow up to a week for a national self-exclusion to be applied to other operators. Once you have self-excluded, you may not apply to re-instate your membership or online account for at least six months.

We will not send you any marketing material inviting you to gamble whilst you are self-excluded. Any funds that you held on deposit at the time of self-exclusion will be refunded to you accordingly. Please note that it may take up to fourteen days for your name to be removed from our marketing databases.

Self-exclusion across the UK bingo industry, including Mecca Bingo land-based premises

Bingo Industry self-exclusion schemeThe Bingo Association, which represents the vast majority of bingo operators in the UK, has introduced a national scheme to enable a customer to self-exclude from every UK bingo club with just one request.

If you wish to self-exclude from Mecca Bingo (or from any other land-based bingo operator), just visit your local Mecca club where a trained member of staff will be able explain the national scheme. To join the scheme you will be asked to complete a self-exclusion form and have your photograph taken. Please be assured that no personal information will be shared with other operators other than the basic details entered into the national database at the time of registration to ensure that other operators can use it to exclude you from their own bingo clubs. The Bingo Association or its members does not share or sell personal data to third parties.

Alternatively if you do not wish to visit a licensed club, you can request self-exclusion by following the process detailed on the Bingo Association website.

The minimum period of self-exclusion you can request is six months, and your exclusion will automatically remain in force for a further period of six months at which time it will then lapse. However, you may apply for reinstatement at any time during the six months following your stated exclusion period. In some cases Mecca may additionally and independently ask you to apply for reinstatement even when your national self-exclusion has lapsed.

Self-exclusion across the UK casino industry, including Grosvenor Casinos’ land-based premises

The UK casino industry has combined to create a national scheme called SENSE (Self-Enrolment, National Self-Exclusion) to self-exclude a customer from every UK casino with just one request.

Keep playing safe with SENSE

It is a simple process to join SENSE – just ask at any Grosvenor casino reception about SENSE and you will then need to speak briefly to a manager who will register you onto the SENSE national database electronically. Please be assured that no personal information will be shared with other operators other than the basic details entered into the SENSE database at the time of registration (name, address, date of birth and a photo) to ensure that other operators can use it to exclude you from their own casinos. SENSE does not share information with other organisations or financial institutions.

Alternatively you can download a SENSE enrolment form, which you can then email to together with a recent head and shoulders photograph (in jpeg format). Please ensure that you complete all sections of the form and it is signed and dated on both pages. A leaflet is also available giving full details of the SENSE scheme, including the terms and conditions.

A SENSE national self-exclusion cannot be removed for at least six months, after which time you may apply to do so at any casino. Having been removed from the SENSE database, you would then need to apply for re-instatement at Grosvenor Casinos and / or whichever casinos you then wanted to visit.

To find out more information about the SENSE scheme please visit the National Casino Forum.

If you wish to self-exclude only from land-based Grosvenor Casinos’ premises you can do this by asking for a form at your local casino. The completed form should then be handed to a member of the team (preferably at reception). Alternatively, you can download the self-exclusion form and hand this to reception at your local Grosvenor Casino. A minimum period of six months exclusion equally applies. However, we strongly recommend that you enrol in SENSE, the national scheme.

Self-exclusion from online gaming sites operated by Mecca Bingo or Grosvenor Casinos

It is also very simple to self-exclude yourself from our online betting, casino, poker or bingo sites. We offer periods of self-exclusion from six months to five years. You can use the automated feature in the Responsible Gaming section of My Account. Alternatively you may call, email or write to our customer service desk on the numbers below.  Please provide your full name and address, date of birth, your membership number. If you are sending your details by email, please do so from the address associated with your account to avoid any confusion.

Ways to exclude



  • from the UK:   0800 083 1988
  • from abroad:   +44 800 083 1988


  • Customer Services, Mecca Bingo, TOR, Saint-Cloud Way, Maidenhead SL6 8BN



  • From the UK:   0800 083 1990
  • From abroad:   +44 800 083 1990


  • Customer Services, Grosvenor Casinos, TOR, Saint-Cloud Way, Maidenhead SL6 8BN

If you would like to prevent access to other online gaming, sports betting or gambling sites, visit, which can block access to gambling sites across the internet and prevent unrestricted gambling online.

Take a break (online only)

If you would like to take a temporary break from gambling on-line, you can choose a break period from 1 day up to 6 weeks.  You can use the automated Take a Break feature in the Responsible Gaming section of My Account.

If you wish to take a break for a different length of time, please contact Customer Support and a member of our team will be able to help you. By choosing to take a break, you will not be able to access your account and you will be prevented from gambling until your break period has finished. Once you have confirmed that you wish to take a break, we will be unable to reverse this process. You may extend your break period at any time by contacting our Customer Support Team.

Your break will end automatically once the selected time period has passed and your account will be re-opened at this time.

Opt-in to self-exclude from other forms of gambling

Opt-in to self-excludeIf you decide to self-exclude from our businesses, we strongly advise that you also exclude yourself from all other forms of gambling that you may use.

Unfortunately, whilst we help you to join the bingo or casino industries national self-exclusion schemes, we cannot do so for other forms of gambling (i.e. bookmakers, arcades and the online industry). However, other than the online sector, these sectors also operate their own industry-wide schemes.

You can quickly find details of how to join their schemes via the Opt-in to Self-Exclude website

Last updated 04/11/2019