Self Exclusion

If you believe that you have a problem with gambling, and the tools available, such as deposit limits and reality checks or taking a shorter break from gambling have not helped, then self-exclusion might be the best option. Our Grosvenor Casinos, Mecca bingo clubs and our online sites all offer the option to self-exclude yourself, which is an enforced break from gambling. 

If you self-exclude with either Grosvenor Casinos, or Mecca Bingo, or any other of our online brands, we strongly advise to also exclude yourself from any other gambling venues or websites where you otherwise play or bet. 

Self-exclusion will normally be implemented within twenty-four hours, but you should allow up to a week for a national self-exclusion to be applied to other operators. Once you have self-excluded, you may not apply to re-instate your membership or online account for at least six months. 

If you self-exclude, it is advised that you do so in conjunction with  other self-help measures, such as seeking help and guidance from or other support agencies 

As you self-exclude, we will remove you from our marketing databases and won’t send you any marketing material inviting you to gamble whilst you are self-excluded. Any funds that you held on to deposit at the time of self-exclusion will be refunded to you .  

And once you’ve self-excluded, we strongly recommend that you “unfriend” and / or “un-follow” yourself from any Facebook, Twitter or other social networking accounts that you may be linked to for Grosvenor, Mecca or all other gambling companies. Due to the nature of these sites, which are not linked to our membership data bases, it is not otherwise possible to prevent you from receiving or seeing gaming related messages that may be issued to friends or followers. 

We do recommend that whilst self-excluded you also make sure you use software that prevents access to other online gaming sites. This includes sites such as Gamblock, Gamban or Betblocker that will stop you from accessing gambling sites. 

Some banks in the UK are offering the capability to block gambling transactions on debit cards. A list of those banks can be found 

As you self-exclude it is advisable to also limit exposure to advertising online. For more information on how to limit your exposure to ads on social media and some other online platforms please follow this link: 

How to self-exclude

Grosvenor Casinos 

The UK casino industry has combined to create a national scheme called SENSE (Self-Enrolment, National Self-Exclusion) to self-exclude a player from every UK casino with just one request. This does not include any online websites.  

If you self-exclude you will be enrolled in the national scheme SENSE, unless you request otherwise, and will be excluded from all casinos in the UK. 

It is a simple process. You can ask at any Grosvenor casino reception about SENSE and you will then need to speak briefly to a manager who will register you onto the SENSE national database. Please be assured that no personal information will be shared with other operators other than the basic details entered into the SENSE database at the time of registration (name, address, date of birth and a photo) to ensure that other operators can use it to exclude you from their own casinos. SENSE does not share information with other organisations or financial institutions. 

If you prefer not to go into or visit a casino to self-exclude, this can also be done online by emailing the self-exclusion form to Full details on how to self-exclude via email and more information about the SENSE scheme can be found here: click here

A SENSE national self-exclusion cannot be removed for at least six months. After this time, you would need to apply for re-instatement at Grosvenor Casinos and / or whichever casinos you then wanted to visit. 

If you wish to self-exclude only from land-based Grosvenor Casinos’ premises, you can do this by asking for a form at your local casino or download it here: self-exclusion form.  The completed form should then be handed to a member of the team. A minimum period of six months exclusion applies. However, we strongly recommend that you enrol in SENSE, the national scheme. 

Mecca Bingo Clubs 

The UK bingo industry has combined to create a national scheme called BISES, The Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme to self-exclude a player from every participating in bingo clubs with only one request. 

To self–exclude is a very simple process, just visit your local Mecca club where a trained member of staff will be able explain the national scheme. To join the scheme, you will be asked to complete a self-exclusion form and have your photograph taken. Please be assured that no personal information will be shared with other operators other than the basic details entered to the national database at the time of registration to ensure that other operators can use it to exclude you from their own bingo clubs.  

Alternatively, if you do not wish to visit a club, you can request self-exclusion by following the process detailed on the Bingo Association website, click here.

The minimum period of self-exclusion you can request is six months, and your exclusion will automatically remain in force for a further period of six months at which time it will then lapse. However, you may apply for reinstatement at any time during the six months following your stated exclusion period. In some cases, Mecca may additionally and independently ask you to apply for reinstatement even when your national self-exclusion has lapsed. 

Self-exclusion from online websites 

It is also very simple to self-exclude yourself from our online casino and bingo sites. 

It’s as simple as logging in to your account, visiting the safer gambling section and confirming how long you want to close your account for. Self-exclusion is for a minimum of 6 months and up to 5 years.  You cannot open the account again for any reason until the selected self-exclusion period has ended and when yourself exclusion period ends you need to contact our safer gambling team if you want to reopen the account again. 

Alternatively, you may contact our customer service desk to ask to be self-excluded and they will be able to guide you through the process.  

Self-exclusion from one of our websites will mean that you’ll also be self-excluded from a number of our other brands. If you self-exclude from any of,,, or, you’ll be automatically self-excluded from all of these sites. 

Similarly, if you self-exclude from any of,,,,, or, you’ll automatically be self-excluded from all of these sites. 

As you self-exclude any remaining cash balance will be transferred to your bank account or via another payment if necessary. All bonuses, loyalty points and promotion opt-ins will be forfeited and will not be reinstated if your account is reopened after the self-exclusion period. 

Self-exclude nationally online with Gamstop 

If you find that self-exclusion is the best option for you to control and stop gambling, we also recommend you register with Gamstop. By registering with Gamstop you will be prevented from using gambling on participating websites licensed in Great Britain for a period or 6 months, 1 or 5 years, depending on your choice. You can easily register here:, and you will not be able to cancel your registration to self-exclude until the minimum period has lapsed. 

Please remember that a request to self-exclude on Gamstop does not trigger an automatic return of withdrawal of funds form the companies you have been gambling with, but you will have to contact each company directly. 

Self-exclude from other forms of gambling 

If you decide to self-exclude from our businesses, we strongly advise that you also exclude yourself from all other forms of gambling that you may use such as bookmakers, arcades or betting shops. 

Most of these sectors, apart from the online sector, offer their own industry-wide exclusion schemes, which may be worth considering.